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[18 Jun 2004|03:02am]

I got a new journal, achorus is dead. I added 139 people, which means that I added (almost) everyone that had me friended. I joined (almost) every community that I was in before. That means that about 150 people that I had on my friends list aren't on. So, it would really mean a lot to me if you would add the new journal.

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[17 Jun 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | fuck ]

Someone probably got into my journal and did it, but all of my friends have been deleted from my friends list and I have no idea why. :(

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[05 Feb 2004|12:40am]

i'm really sorry that it has to come to this, but if you'd like to read my journal, please add me and leave a comment as soon as you can, and i'll try to add you as soon as possible.

all my love,

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